Immune Globulin Therapy

Immunoglobulin Therapy

Comprehensive IG Therapy Management

Soleo Health provides comprehensive therapy management for patients requiring intravenous or subcutaneous immunoglobulin (Ig) therapy. Our highly experienced interdisciplinary Ig team of pharmacists and registered nurses, in collaboration with our reimbursement specialists, work together with physicians to develop individualized care plans to ensure positive patient outcomes. 

Enhancing Our Patient Experience
We know you have a choice in healthcare providers. Soleo Health is dedicated to enhancing our patients' experience. In fact, Soleo Health has a 98% patient satisfaction rate and 99% of our patients would refer us to a friend or family.

Ig therapy can be safely managed in the home or alternate-site setting. Our primary goal is to ensure the proper management of the patient’s condition, product and services required for a successful experience.

Soleo’s dedicated Ig team will work with physicians and help support several of the key decisions when receiving Ig therapy:

Continuous Care Management
Our comprehensive standards of practice require a registered nurse specifically trained in the administration of Ig is present to clinically monitor the patient throughout the entire duration of the infusion. Our continuous care management model ensures an immediate intervention for adverse infusion reactions, leading to positive outcomes. We also provide 24/7 pharmacy and nursing support to patients, caregivers and providers, along with detailed, therapy-specific patient education.

Therapeutic Considerations
Selecting the most clinically appropriate product based on clinical condition and comorbidities, allowing for a safe transition from hospital or clinic to physician office, infusion suite or home.

Pharmaceutical Options
Maintaining a full array of product selections including intravenous and subcutaneous Ig products, providing more treatment options for patients and prescribers.

Therapy Cost Considerations
Reimbursement specialists trained to provide assistance with insurance benefit verification and authorization, and patient advocacy including education on copay assistance. Soleo engages patients to be proactive in their therapy and treatment. We work with manufacturers, community programs and patient advocacy groups to help patients and families understand resource availability.

We are dedicated to enhancing our patients’ experience through innovative and cost effective solutions resulting in exceptional patient outcomes.

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