Complimentary Continuing Education Programs

Programs offered in the convenience of your office

Soleo Health offers a variety of continuing education programs for certified case managers (CCMs). Each accredited program has been designed by Soleo’s leading team of dietitians, nurses and pharmacists, and offers 1.0 contact hour upon completion. Programs can be scheduled in your office on a date and time that is convenient for you and your team. 

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Continuing Education Presentation Topics

 All Therapies
Intravenous Therapy: An Overview of Home Infusion Therapy
This is an overview of home infusion therapy and discusses diagnoses and types of infusion therapy, appropriate candidates for home infusion, access devices and potential complications, with the underlying theme of promoting safe home infusion by adhering to best practice guidelines.

An Overview in Pediatric Home Infusion
This pediatric focused presentation reviews indications for pediatric home infusion, and includes discussion on venous access devices, catheter maintenance, catheter infections, and medication delivery devices.

Heart Failure
Heart Failure: Disease Process and Treatment
This program describes cardiac anatomy and physiology and defines types of heart failure and its recommended treatment.

Parenteral Nutrition
TPN: From Hospital to Home Initiation
This program provides an overview of TPN, starting with a history of IV therapy leading into the development of TPN, and discusses appropriate use of TPN.  Clinical monitoring, recognizing and preventing complications, as well as considerations for safe home administration are reviewed.

The Use of Nutrition Support in the Oncology Population: From Science to Controversy
This presentation relays the current statistics of cancer affecting the US population.  The intertwined relationship between nutrition and cancer, and how treatment, or the lack there of, can impact cancer outcomes in the home infusion environment is discussed.  Also reviewed are ethical dilemmas and debates surrounding artificial nutrition in the oncology patient.

Gastrointestinal Diagnoses and Nutrition Support: From the Stomach to the Small Intestine
This presentation focuses on the stomach and the small intestine, reviewing normal function as well as disorders and their nutrition consequences, and discusses management, including nutrition support.

IG Therapy: Specialty Infusion for Patients in the Home Setting
This is a comprehensive program discussing the indications for IG use, administration and adverse effects, IV use, subcutaneous use, and how to choose the appropriate product.

Bleeding disorders
Overview of Hemophilia: A Comprehensive Review of Hemophilia Including Recommendations for Treatment and Management
This presentation describes hemostasis, and defines hemophilia including types of hemophilia and severity, with a review of genetics.  Types of bleeds and complications of bleeding are discussed.  Treatment, preparation and infusing of Factor are presented.  Universal precautions are also reviewed.

MRSA: Considerations for Treatment in the Home
This presentation identifies the differences between CA-MRSA and HA-MRSA, discusses symptoms, methods of transmission, prevention of transmission and current treatments.

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